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Havemeyer Workshops 2001 - 2005



Equine Immunology in 2001
Organizer: Dr. D. P. Lunn
January, 2001 - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Asthma and Allergies II
Organizers: Drs. S. Lazary and E. Marti
April, 2001 - Hungary

From Elephants to Aids
Organizer: Professor W. R. Allen
June, 2001 - Port Douglas, Australia

Fourth International Equine Gene Mapping
Organizer: Dr. Kevin Bell
July, 2001 - Brisbane, Australia

Second Meeting of the European Gamete Group (EEGG)
Organizer: Dr. T. A. E. Stout
September, 2001 - Loosdrecht, The Netherlands

Foal Septicemia III
Organizer: Dr. M. R. Paradis
October, 2001 - Tufts University European Center, Talloires, France

Infectious Disease Programme for the Equine Industry and Veterinary

Organizers: Drs. J. A. Mumford and F. Fregin
October, 2001 - Marilyn duPont Scott Medical Center, Morvan Park, Virginia

From Epididymis to Embryo
Organizer: Dr. L. H-A. Morris
October, 2001 - Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana



Comparative Neonatology/Perinatology
Organizer: Dr. P. Sibbons
March, 2002 - Palm Springs, California

Stallion Behaviour IV
Organizers: Drs. Sue. McDonnell and D. Miller
June, 2002 - Reykjavik, Iceland

Rhodococcus Equi II
Organizers: Drs. John F. Prescott and Steven Hines
July, 2002 - Pullman, Washington

Equine Orthopaedic Infection
Organizer: Dr. Elizabeth. Santschi
August, 2002 – County Wicklow, Ireland

Inflammatory Airway Disease
Organizers: Drs. E. Robinson and Andrew Hoffman
September, 2002 – Boston, Massachusetts



Embryonic and Fetal Nutrition
Organizer: Dr. S. Wilsher
May, 2003 - Ravello, Italy

Genomics and the Equine Immunity System
Organizer: Dr. D. F. Antczak
June, 2003 - Ithaca, New York

Fifth International Gene Mapping Workshop
Organizer: Drs. E. Baily and E. Vandyke
August, 2003 - Kreuger Park, South Africa

Equine Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy
Organizers: Drs. P. Dixon and E. Robinson
September, 2003 - Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Transporting Gametes and Embryos
Organizer: Dr. E. Squires
October, 2003 - Brewster, Massachusetts

Third Meeting of the European Gamete Group (EEGG)
Organizer: Drs. J. and Z. Müller
October, 2003 - Pardubice, Czech Republic

Nosocomial Infections and Biosecurity in Equine Hospitals
Organizer: Drs. F. Bain and J. Taub-Dargatz
October, 2003 - Lexington, Kentucky



Equine Herpes Viris-1 Workshop
Organizer: Dr. D. Paul Lunn
June/July, 2004 – San Gimignano, Italy

Sixth International Symposium on Equine Embryo Transfer
Organizers: Prof. W.R. Allen, Drs. M. Alvarenga and F. Landdim-Alvarenga
August, 2004 - Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Sporting Injuries in Horses and Man: A Comparative Approach
Organizers: Lord E. J. L. Soulsby and Dr. David Marlin
September, 2004 - Lexington, Kentucky

Neonatal Septicemia Workshop IV
Organizer: Dr. M. R. Paradis
September/October, 2004 - Talloires, France

Equine Arteritis Virus Infection
Organizer: Dr. P. Timoney
October, 2004 – Gluck Equine Research Center, Lexington, Kentucky

Maternal Recognition of Pregnancy in the Mare III
Organizer: Dr. T. A. E. Stout
November, 2004 - Barbados, West Indies



Comparative Placentology II
Organizer: Dr. P. Sibbons
April, 2005 - Victoria, Canada

Sixth International Gene Mapping Workshop
Organizers: Drs. E. Bailey and J. Flynn
July, 2005 - Newbridge, Ireland

World Equine Airway Symposium (Immunology, Inflammatory Sessions)
Organizers: Drs. D. Ainsworth, E. Robinson, N. DuCharme, B. McGorum and L. Viel
July, 2005 – Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Genetic Relatedness Between Different Breeds of Horses using Molecular Markers
Organizers: Drs. M. Binns, G. Lothran, B. Graiak and C. Luis
August, 2005 – Wierzba, Poland

International Equine Gametes Group Workshop II
Organizers: Drs. H. Alm, H. Torner, K. Hinrichs and E. Squires
September, 2005 - Kühlungsborn, Germany

Biomarkers for Diagnosing Musculoskeletal Diseases
Organizers: Drs. W. McIllwraith and J. Price
October/November, 2005 – Estes Park, Colorado

Equine Influenza and Cross Species Transmission
Organizer: Dr. J. Mumford
November, 2005 – Miami, Florida

Uterine Infection in Mares and Women: A Comparative Study II
Organizer: Dr. M. M. LeBlanc
November, 2005 – Hilton Head, South Carolina



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